‚ÄčGrammy Award Winner

Launched in June 2013, Somos El Son, is lead by the renowned master percussionist, Braulio Barrera, who enchants dancers with his powerful presence and engagement with the crowd.  The band is based in San Francisco and is distinguished by its versatile combination of classic Salsa, Cha-Cha, and original songs.  Having played in various salsa festivals, night clubs, and jazz festivals, Somos El Son has gained a reputation for drawing in large crowds of dancers, exhilarated for the charismatic connection Barrera creates in his performances. 

  • Aplauso please0:46
  • All of me1:06
  • Toca tu bongo 0:43
  • B 01 Somos El Son De La Calle3:32
  • B1 La Mulata Se Menea4:17
  • B1 Como Te Sone4:03
  • B 1 La Decision Final3:52
  • B1 Mario Bros5:22